Ooh, baby, baby

The quiz show Pointless had a round today in which contestants had to say which singers (I cannot bring myself to say ‘artists’ – grumpiness has its standards) released the following songs:

Bye Bye Baby                                                                                   1975

Baby                                                                                                  2010

Love to Love You Baby                                                                   1976

Plug-in Baby                                                                                     2001

I Got You Babe                                                                                1965

Hey Baby                                                                                          1962

Ice Ice Baby                                                                                      1990

Baby Come Back                                                                             1968

Baby Love                                                                                        1964

Always Be My Baby                                                                        1996

Your Baby Ain’t Your Baby Any More                                         1974

Baby One More Time                                                                     1999

Babe                                                                                                  1993

Be My Baby                                                                                      1963

Decent question, and one that stretched across the generations.  I did OK, but then, I am a trivial person.  But now, here’s a thing.  I have never heard anyone refer to their inamorata as ‘baby’.  Never.  I’ve lived in the north, Midlands and in London, Yorkshire and Lancashire.  I’ve worked with colleagues with a variety of ethnicities, genders, sexuality, and a range of ages.   It may be I don’t eavesdrop enough, though my wife would contest that.  Darling, honey, sweetheart, yep, all that, honeybun too, but never ever have I heard a British person call their partner ‘baby’.  Have you ?

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